If you ever make it to Asheville, North Carolina you will find a city filled vibrant art and artists. Jenny began her new venture of Sittin’ Pretty in 2014 at the The Warehouse Studio lofts in the colorful River Arts District. In the River Arts District, you can stroll into every studio while art is being born. Surrounded by her fellow 180 artists, she loved being inspired by their immense talent and energy.  

Gleefully she brought her thrift store treasures and roadside finds up the crooked stairs into her 500 sf  old brick and wood studio loft. This is where the magic happened. She turned old discarded chairs into amazing designer thrones,  as one tourist put it. “Usable Art.” Exercising creative ingenuity with her background , and sprinkling it with a twist of humor, her chairs are sure to make a statement in any room. Her formal education and background in dressmaking and fashion design definitely comes through in her work. She said  “The details are the design.”.  And that they are. 

Wandering around the colorful downtown you may stumble into the hip K2 Studio that plays background music of Count Basie and Nina Simone as you browse the eclectic mix of home furnishings and accessories. Kim, the shop owner was the first to discover and showcase Jenny’s artistic flair for furniture.  Jenny asked to give Kim a “Trunk Show”  of chairs (albeit was the back of a rented box truck trunk, she says) And Kim picked her 10 favorites and sold them in 30 days. Her chairs definitely give that hip Asheville vibe. Have you ever seen a chair with mink booties? Jenny still has several pieces at K2 at any given time.  

She began to be more bold and elaborate just to see what the reaction would be, and she said ” The more crazy the design and outcome, the faster it sold!  All of my designs have to be #1 very comfortable, and #2 make you smile when you sit in it.” One of her artist friends stopped into her studio and saw the results of her latest wild and crazy chair she called “OOh La La” and quipped, “You just could’t stop yourself!”  The chair in question had a very ruffled skirt with fur booties and giant fabric rosettes on the arms.  Jenny said with a giggle, she wanted to do a girlie chair . 

She hand paints, and elaborately stitches one of her Signature Peacock chairs. Her chair of choice is a very large flared wing chair, that Jenny says makes a great canvas for her art.  Its on these kinds of chairs she makes thrones of amazing detail and design.

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