This year’s Spring Market in High Point was simply amazing. Living  just a few hours away, I go to be inspired by the new and innovative ideas making their way into the world, like newborn babies. Every showroom is poised in perfect order, designed as eye candy for the discriminating buyers and designers that flock to their favorite spots.

I like to venture into the newbie “temps’ area, where you never know who or what you will see.  Budding businesses have the opportunity to rent a small space and launch their ideas into the real world. That inspires me. I found a couple of exciting things I may be adding to my inventory of fabrics and pillows. Both found in the “temps’ areas.

Of course my favorite showroom was filled with amazing  “can’t keep my eyes and hands off of the stuff” furniture. I was so Enamored by Bernhardts’s Hammered Leaf contemporary wing chair…I wanted to stuff it in my convertible right on the spot.

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