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I have always

loved furniture


loved the

furniture design


I create my chair art in the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains of  Asheville, NC, with a cumulative experience of over 30 years in the fabric arts, design and furniture fields.

I have always loved furniture and REALLY loved the furniture design process and here I am doing what I love, in the perfect place to put my ideas into reality. I hope you can see the creative passion and personality in each of my designs.

Although I could not make furniture from scratch, I could collect furniture orphans and roadside finds, and raw furniture frames. The art of turning discarded, broken and wooden “blank canvases” into amazingly new and fresh furnishings has always been pleasing to me. I love the interesting lines, hand carved legs and arms, details that you can’t get today at big box stores. These old chairs carry silent histories with whispers of elegance and grace.

Restoring old chairs has become my passion. And now, I can be in style and “Green” at the same time. I enjoy bringing new life back into my chairs and home furnishings and adding personality and an element of surprise where there once was none. Lately, adding New Frames to my line has been just as fun of a hunt. And Yes, I do my own Upholstery.

I hope you add my chair art to your home to enjoy for many years to come. Your ideas are always welcome in any collaborations that you bring my way. Thanks for visiting my site!


Jenny Ellis

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